Saturday, January 08, 2011

AZ Congresswoman shot (UPDATE: Five have now died; UPDATE II: Gunman indentified.)

Since about 1:00 today, I have been glued to the television after reports of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) being shot during a meeting with constituents in Tucson.

As of this moment, Arizona news station KOLD-TV is reporting that Giffords remains in surgery but HAS NOT been declared dead. At least eleven others were shot as well, with four fatalities. The gunman, apparently in his late teens/early 20s, is in custody.

I'm to the point now where I am choosing not to read any blogs or watch TV coverage of this horrific tragedy. The reason being is the rampant speculation as to the gunman's motive. One particular news outlet even pored over Rep. Giffords' voting record in an effort to surmise motive. I think it's best to leave determination of motive to law enforcement, doncha think? There was also some demagoguery in the comment section of my favorite center-right blogs referring to an incident where Rep. Giffords' office was vandalized due to her support for health care reform. I think you can guess what this person was insinuating.

My wife and I at this moment choose to offer prayers to the families of the shooting victims.

UPDATE: KOLD-TV in Arizona now reporting five people have now died as a result of shooting.

UPDATE II: Gunman identified as 22-year old Jared Loughner. Little else is known about his background, motive, etc.

Some insight might be ascertained via his You Tube page.


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