Monday, January 24, 2011

Connect the dots

I just heard about this incident last night. A lot of unanswered questions to be sure.

A shootout in front of a Walmart in Washington state left two people dead and two sheriff's deputies wounded Sunday afternoon, a sheriff's spokesman said.

One of the dead was a man who shot at deputies, said Scott Wilson of the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office. The other victim was a young woman who died after she was taken to a Tacoma hospital, he said.

Tacoma police said the deputies were both shot in the torso and were in satisfactory condition. They were being kept overnight at Tacoma General Hospital.

Details were still sketchy Sunday night, but the sheriff's office received a call about a suspicious person at the store in Port Orchard, Wilson said. The man ran and started shooting when three deputies tried to talk to him, he said.

Sure, details are sketchy, but connecting the dots and outlandish assertions are all the rage these days.

Nearly two years ago, The United Food and Commercial Workers made attempts to strong arm Walmart employees into joining their union. The insinuation being that the dastardly Walmart Corporation was not treating its employees fairly. Nothing like "union protection" to rectify that.

A few years before that, Breck Girl former Democrat VP candidate John Edwards began the drumbeat of how Walmart woefully underpays its workers. He made further attempts to increase peoples' ire by saying their "tax dollars are going to provide housing and food stamps for Wal-Mart employees,"

So if we were to use the logic applied to the Tucson, AZ shootings, the angry verbiage used by labor unions and John Edwards regarding Walmart's method of running their business stirred up angry emotions. No doubt the shooter in this case was a product of the hateful climate conjured up by Edwards and his ilk.

Therefore he's not accountable for his actions.



Mr. D said...

Heh. I was going to blame global warming, but your take makes a lot more sense.

StarBittrune said...

Here's another dot: last Thursday, on the other coast, a crowd of anti-Walmart protesters gathered at a developer's private residence, angry over the possible 1200 non-union jobs his new store could create. An organization called Walmart-Free D.C. distributed flyers with (yes) a crosshair over the Walmart smiley face.

Brad Carlson said...

Good call, Greg! The incident in DC did come to mind and probably would have been more relevant to this post, given it was so recent.