Monday, October 18, 2010

Quick Hits: Volume XIV

-Meghan McCain is a vapid twit. Many of you politicos probably know that. What's sad is she's basically become a stooge of the liberal media because she professes to being a Republican while criticizing the "extreme right wing" of the GOP (Must have learned that from her dear ol' Dad, Senator John McCain). She also has anointed herself as the voice of the next generation of Republicans, even though there doesn't seem to be many young people proclaiming Meg as their standard bearer.

Many criticize young Ms. McCain because she really has accomplished little yet proclaims herself as an astute political pundit. However, when one criticizes Meg for her analysis, she claims it's because she's not taken seriously due to her....ahem...."top shelf."

Brittany Cohan of Red State weighs in:

Today, this came up in my Twitter feed and I about fell out of my chair. Meghan McCain had the nerve to attack Christine O’Donnell on (ABC TV's) This Week claiming she was making a mockery of running for office because she has “no real history, no real success in any kind of business”, and then claim that the backlash that came as a result of this absurd statement from someone with no real history and no success in any kind of business is because of the size of her chest? My message to Meghan: grow up.

Definitely read the entire post. I'm not certain which is better: the post itself or the title of Meghan McCain (D-Cup).

-As a Minnesota Twins fan, I'm still reeling from their having been swept away once again in the division series of the MLB playoffs. The more I think about the current state of professional Minnesota sports, the more queasy I become. As utterly dreadful and pathetic the NBA's Timberwolves have been over the past six seasons, they've actually won a playoff series more recently (2004) than either the Twins (2002) or the NHL's Minnesota Wild (2003).

-We saw some incredibly vicious hits in Sunday's NFL action, resulting in missed game action for Philadelphia Eagles' WR DeSean Jackson and Cleveland Browns' receiver Mohamed Massaquoi. As a result, the NFL is exploring the real possibility of suspending players who use their helmets as a weapon when making tackles. On the other hand, the league still looks to expand the regular season to eighteen games. If that happens, this great sport is definitely going to be watered down quite a bit because more games will merely increase the chances for additional serious injuries. As a result, the NFL is slowly attaining a reputation as an entity which looks to enhance its revenues but at the risk of the players' health which they insist is of grave concern to them.


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