Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gardy's Dozen

Look, I never had any delusion that the Minnesota Twins would rally from a 2 games to nothing deficit and beat the New York Yankees in their ALDS matchup. But I did hold out hope that they would go down with a fight. Alas, that too was overly optimistic of me. The Yankees completed another routine division series beatdown of the Twins with a 6-1 victory Saturday night.

After being swept in their third consecutive division series, the Twins postseason losing streak has now reached a stupefying twelve games (the record is thirteen). What's even more mind boggling is the Twins currently have a ten postseason game losing streak at home (2-11 overall under manager Ron Gardenhire). Now I'm not advocating that Gardy be fired. But something just doesn't compute when the Twins enter the postseason. In his managerial career, Gardenhire has averaged nearly 90 regular season wins per year in nine seasons. But in six postseasons, Gardy's clubs are a paltry 6-21.

But the worst part of losing to Yankees yet again is the vapid screeds on Facebook and Twitter. It's the same bull pucky every time about how the Yankees just buy up all the talent and that why the Twins can't compete. Sure, the Yankees are incredibly talented due in large part to the financial resources they have. But the bottom line is they still have to go out and compete. Nothing is handed to them. And guess what? Other seemingly overmatched teams have held their own against the Bronx Bombers in recent postseason history. The 2005 LA Angels of Anaheim, 2006 Detroit Tigers and 2007 Cleveland Indians all ousted the Yankees in division series. Other than perhaps the Angels, none of those clubs can be considered big money franchises.

One final thing. I recall a fair number of Twins fans suggesting that the club was better off with Michael Cuddyer playing first base and that Justin Morneau should be traded. Funny how that conversation has suddenly quelled now that the Twins have gone 0-6 in the past two postseasons, both of which Morneau missed due to injury.



Mr. D said...

I agree with all of that, Brad. If I were running the Twins, job one would be finding a legitimate #1 pitcher. The Twins need someone who can shut down a lineup like the Yankees. Those guys are hard to find.

Brad Carlson said...

job one would be finding a legitimate #1 pitcher.

I think Liriano has that capability with the stuff he has. Unfortunately, he still has some occasional mental blocks.

You're right, those #1 guys are hard to find. I can only hope farm hand Kyle Gibson pans out.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Where have you gone Cliff Lee? Minnesota turns its lonely eyes to you. Boo hoo hoo.