Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joy-less, Joy-less, we abhor thee

"Kill 'em with kindness" is a motto I've tried to live by for some time now. Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle, who looks to unseat current Senate majority leader Harry Reid, exemplified that mantra recently. This past Tuesday, The View co-host Joy Behar, who reminds me of a post-menopausal Kathy Griffin, said Angle is "going to hell, this b**ch" after viewing one of her political ads.

Angle's retort?

On Wednesday, there was a large bouquet on (The View's) set. Behar said it came with a note from Angle that claimed the candidate raised $150,000 online Tuesday and added, "Thanks for your help."

And to show she doesn't have a dignified bone in her body, Joyless couldn't help but invoke the "b word" once more.

Behar aimed at Angle again, suggesting the flowers were picked by illegal immigrants and "they're not voting for you, b----."

So Joy is not only caustic but she's also flat out dumb. Illegal immigrants voting? Really?


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