Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hear that? It's the other shoe falling

It really is about the economy, stupid. That is why the Duluth News Tribune, despite its center-left leanings, is advocating for a new direction in the US House.

Republican Chip Cravaack represents what Congress, including Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, needs at this critical crossroads in American history. A pro-business, fiscally conservative, former Navy captain, with a master’s degree in education, Cravaack has smarts. He is articulate, reasoned and composed. More critically, he has specific and promising strategies to pull the nation out of its financial funk.

“This is clearly unsustainable,” Cravaack said last week of our nation’s mounting debt and free-spending ways. “The best thing to correct the situation is to create a business-friendly environment where the private sector creates jobs.”

This is another hit for incumbent Congressman James Oberstar, who also lost out on an endorsement from the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, one which has served him well in a socially conservative district.

Upon learning of the DNT's nod for Cravaack, Oberstar stated he was “Disappointed but not surprised.” Yeah, I'm not surprised either, Congressman Oberstar. When one votes for health care legislation allowing federal funding for abortions or an environmental bill which would cripple the mining industry so prevalent in one's congressional district, I can't imagine how you could be stunned.

Ah, but look on the bright side. You no longer have to continue with the charade that you actually maintain a residence within Congressional District 8. Maryland is pretty nice year round, isn't it?


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