Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quick Hits: Volume II

Where was USA Today reporter Joan Biskupic during the George W. Bush presidency when the likes of Janice Rogers Brown and Miguel Estrada were blocked from Federal judiciary appointments? Only now during the Barack Obama presidency has she discovered the contentious judicial nomination process.

President Obama came into office determined to stop the rightward shift of the federal courts — after eight years of appointments by President Bush — and to add more diversity to the bench.

Yet as Obama tries to make gains in diversity among judges, he faces a deeply polarized confirmation process in the Senate. During his first 18 months in office, his administration has been thwarted by unprecedented delays. The situation, which has received little notice against the backdrop of a pending Supreme Court nomination and the administration's complex legislative agenda, could undercut Obama's effort to significantly infuse the federal courts with more women and minorities.

Translation: When are we going to get more liberals in the Federal courts to offset the damage done by Bush & Co.?

-Back in 1994, the Colombian soccer team was a favorite to win the World Cup only to lose as a result of Andres Escobar inadvertently kicking the ball into his own goal. Upon returning to his homeland, Escobar was murdered over the gaffe, allegedly because the Colombian defeat led to heavy gambling losses. I guess its a good thing they didn't win an NBA title. Violence would have been more widespread.

-In the Twins 13-10, 11-inning victory over the Philadelphia Phillies Saturday, Jim Thome hit a home run in Minnesota's five run ninth inning. Thome has now homered against each of the 30 MLB teams. Last October, Vikings QB Brett Favre led his club to a victory over the Green Bay Packers, giving Favre at least one win against each of the 32 NFL franchises. Seems to me that Minnesota is a mighty fine place for professional athletes to wind down their hall of fame careers.


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W.B. Picklesworth said...

Clearly Biskupic is a clown with a cynical streak a mile wide. Either that or she's too dumb too realize that her side has a cynical streak a mile wide. The day Democrat politicians start caring about diversity more than power, frozen pigs will be flying in hell, celebrating a Clippers championship.