Friday, June 11, 2010

My life in pictures

Last Friday evening, my wife and I went to dinner at the home of our dear friends Greg & Ruth. Since it was such a nice evening, we decided to walk to a few blocks to the park with their boys (Jack and Andrew) in tow.

At age 9-1/2, Jack has taken an interest in baseball to where he’s now playing competitively. But since my buddy Greg grew up with a background in the creative arts (i.e. Theater, Science Fiction, etc.) he didn’t feel he could adequately assist his eldest son in the finer points of baseball. So in our jaunt to the local ball field, we took along a bat, baseball and gloves in an effort to indulge Jack in a simulated game.

So after about an hour of my giving Jack a few tips, we returned to our friends’ house for a little dessert. But Jack didn’t join us right away. Like his Dad, he too has a creative side to his personality and thus decided to put together a visual account of our evening.

With that in mind, here is Jack’s pictorial interpretation of my baseball acuity.

I guess he too thinks I look like Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss when it’s time for me to get a haircut.


1 comment:

Gino said...

i think your friends cartoon looks more like you than the dilbert one,though.

dilberts is missing the freindly expression.