Sunday, July 05, 2009

You can go your own way

While waiting to be seated at a restaurant Friday evening, the gal and I ran into a couple we knew from church. Since we were a few blocks from the Metrodome and I was donning my Twins jersey, the gentleman surmised we were going the baseball game that evening.

Inevitably the conversation turned to Target Field, the Twins' new outdoor stadium slated to open next season. Ted frowned when the subject was broached: "Yeah, I don't know what to think about the new stadium. I mean, it's pretty cold in April. Why didn't they put a roof on it?"

This has become perhaps the most tireless, inane meme I've heard and continue to hear. Let me ask this? In the month of April, does it ever get cold in Chicago? How about Detroit? Cleveland, too? Have the White Sox, Tigers or Indians suffered season-long damage due to playing in cold weather? To me, it will be worth enduring temperatures in the high 30s and/or snow flurries in April to be watching a Sunday afternoon game in June with temps in the 70s, bright sun and a fresh breeze!!

I also get a lot of this: "What about people who come all the way from Iowa or North & South Dakota for a weekend game only to have it rained out?? That's not fair!!!!!"

(Sigh) These same people must vote Democrat.

So you're telling we must live our entire freaking lives without any risk whatsoever? In the event a game is postponed due to rain, there are things called "rain checks". That means you can use that ticket to attend the make up game. If you can't attend the make up game, guess what? YOU GET YOUR FRIGGIN' MONEY BACK!!!

So for those who utter those complaints, have at it. I'll be thinking of you in June 2010 when I'm sitting in my seats in the left field bleachers!!


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Jackie said...

ahh...It's amazing how in a simple conversation you can tell who votes democrat, and who votes Republican. Sometimes you can even tell by how they look. Like my parents. :-)