Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mike Jungbauer to run for MN Governor!!!

My State Senator, Mike Jungbauer (R-East Bethel), announced he is running for Governor of Minnesota....via Facebook!!!

I said all my FB friends would know first! I am officially announcing my run for governor of the great state of Minnesota!

I've heard rumors of the likes of Laura Brod, Marty Seifert and Pat Anderson vying for the GOP nomination. However, I had been hesitant to throw my weight behind any particular candidate.

Until now!!!!

Mike's official statement:

Thank you, my friends, for your support. Today I am announcing my official candidacy for Governor of the great state of Minnesota.

I think Minnesotans are ready for an “outside the box” leader with fresh ideas and approaches, and no longer are looking for “old school” legacy politicians. I believe I am that man!

The Republican field is crowded, I know that; but all I have seen so far is a popularity contest. I may not be the prettiest or the most recognizable, but I am the most knowledgeable on the issues facing the citizens of this state.

Let’s face it, in Minnesota we like divided government. Minnesota also has a rich tradition of bi-partisanship and as all of us have seen in the past few years, that is non-existent.

There are many important issues facing our state and country, most notably, high unemployment, declining state revenues and an increased burden on government services. Minnesota is not an exception to the rule – nearly every state in the union is facing similar challenges – some more dire and some more favorable.

My voting record shows that I am a conservative Republican, but I also have a track record of bi-partisanship.The type of bi-partisanship I speak of is not giving in or giving up but rather in finding a way to bring both sides together in a win-win conclusion. When the 35W bridge collapsed – I was the only Republican in the legislature willing to participate in an independent, publicly funded, investigation into why the bridge fell. I encouraged my fellow Republicans to participate, but they were unwilling – labeling it a witch hunt. I was at nearly every event in the city of Minneapolis dealing with the collapse and public input on the new bridge. Most times I was the lone Republican. As I attend many events around the state that concern us all, I find myself as the lone Republican. It is said “The world is run by those who show up”, and I show up!

The issues – when speaking with constituents one thing is repeated time and time again; jobs, jobs, jobs. While the unemployment rate nears 10% the question we have to ask ourselves is what role should government play in job creation? Free market proponents would argue that the government should just get out of the way and let business do what it does best. I agree the free market is the sure avenue for economic growth and recover, but government must provide a business and tax friendly climate in order for that to occur……I have a tax plan that will accomplish that!

Energy – I would argue that energy and environmental policy are the great issues of our time. As we witness congress proceed with the Markey/Waxman cap-and-trade bill, arguably the largest tax increase ever imposed on the citizens of this country, Minnesotans need someone who has a very clear understanding of energy and environmental policy and I am the most studied legislator on these important issues.

Everyone is aware that we are nearing an energy transformation; however, this must be achieved through a strong working relationship between the legislature, business community and higher education institutions. Having served on a variety of committees dealing with energy issues, I have concluded that we are taking the wrong approach; trying to achieve a renewable energy transformation through government mandates and costly subsidization programs is not the answer. Once again, government does have a role in this transformation, but it should be done primarily through the free market with aid from the government via tax incentives and a friendly business climate…..I have a plan that accomplishes just that!

Priorities – The Minnesota State constitution states that the legislature’s duty is to fully fund education, transportation and public safety. Once we have met those requirements then we can look at all other areas of government. Misplaced priorities is a chronic problem in the legislature and as governor, I will make those priorities a staple of my administration.

I take this step extremely seriously! I have a team of advisors that fill in the knowledge gaps I do not myself possess. I believe we need to elevate the conversation now to real issues of the day.

Minnesota: Let’s get to know each other!


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Jackie said...

well this is indeed great news! ....too bad I'm not old enough to vote... :-)