Tuesday, July 21, 2009


When I turned in last evening, the Twins had a 12-3 lead over the Oakland Athletics in the bottom of the third inning. At that time, I checked the box score and saw that Twins starting pitcher Nick Blackburn had allowed three runs on eight hits in just two-plus innings. I remember thinking that it was no sure thing that the Twins could hang on to the big lead because it appeared the A’s too were wearing their hitting shoes.

Sadly, I was right. Oakland rallied to a 14-13 win.

I’m going to be real curious to see how the Twins bounce back this evening. At this point in his young major league career, tonight’s starting pitcher Anthony Swarzak will be making the biggest start of his life.


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kingdavid said...

What's the saying: don't take on a Sicilian when death is on the line, and don't get into a run scoring war in Asia, or Oakland.