Friday, July 10, 2009

What happened to Bob Davis?

A little over three months ago, I posted the announcement that AM 1500 KSTP fired conservative talk show host Bob Davis. Since that time, my blog has received several hits under the search "What happened to Bob Davis?"

Wonder no more!!

I was excited to learn that Bob is now taking advantage of the "new media" via podcasting.

Check 'em out at:

You can also follow Bob via Twitter at



Anonymous said...

Ok, is he doing this for free? Does he also work fast food to pay the bills? he was filling in for Jason Lewis last night, which of course is not on during Vikings Games

Anonymous said...

Always enjoyed listening to Bob Davis. Bob does the research and is honest in his opinions.Bob reveals the points of discussion missed by most of the other commentators.
I would hope KTALK radio would give him a time slot. Bob is so much better to listen to than Hannity, Jason, 6AM morning Chris and or the lawyer.

Anonymous said...

This works for me I leave for work before Bob's show started and could only catch the first few minute of it by the time i got to work. Looking forward to getting the pod cast.