Thursday, February 05, 2009

Obama going down swinging.

I happened to catch President Obama’s live speech from Virginia Thursday evening. It basically was a continued plea demand for the Senate to pass his nearly $1 trillion pork laden spending “stimulus” package.

In watching the speech I had a sense that Obama was almost desperate. After preaching incessantly about bringing to Washington “Hope”, “Change” and a new era of bi-partisanship, the stimulus bill was unanimously rejected by House Republicans. Of course it still passed in the House, given that the Democrats hold a substantial majority. But a repeat of such a vote in the Senate (i.e. universal rejection by the GOP) means that the bill still could pass without bi-partisan support. And that has to have Obama scared out of his mind if this so-called “economic recovery” plan becomes the abysmal failure many predict. Because then the Democrats would have to take sole ownership of such a disaster, thus causing the 1994 mid-term elections to look like a Sunday School picnic in comparison to what could happen in 2010.

So just continue shaking your fist at Congress, Mr. President. Keep showing the courage of your convictions and demand of your Democrat colleagues that your stimulus bill be passed. Own it!! You won, remember?


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