Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shuffling the MOB deck.

Back in July, JRoosh decided to cease blogging on his site Roosh Five. Not wanting Roosh’s valued insights to be stored away forever, Mitch Berg gave Roosh the prestigious role of co-blogger at Shot in the Dark.

Six weeks later, my good pal Ben pulled the plug on Hammerschwing. Why? I don’t know, some gibberish about finishing up seminary, planning a wedding, etc. Anyhow, he was able to land a spot at his future father-in law’s joint (not that he’s taken full advantage of such a prime venue).

I barely recovered from that shock when my fellow Protest Warrior Leo told us in September that he too was headed out the proverbial blogging door. His reward? One of the dawgs. However, Leo has resumed his opining at the Ice Palace!

After witnessing all this, I have to wonder if Dan-O is trying to horn in on another blog himself, especially after reading his first post in almost three weeks.

I am thinking strongly about going in a new direction. When I figure it out, I'll let y'all know, but for know, I'm going to lay low for a few more weeks.

Fess up, Dan! You’re secretly hoping for an open invite from Foot, aren’t ya?



Night Writer said...

Word is that Foot has offered Dan a gig under the alias, "The Head of Jeff Fecke."

Brad Carlson said...


Well played, John!

Leranedfoot said...

Who's this "Dan"?