Sunday, October 05, 2008

Brew spew.

Since I'm such an avid Minnesota sports fan, you can imagine the back and forth ribbing between myself and my Wisconsin relatives. My Grandmother is one of fifteen kids in her family (the majority still in Wisconsin), which means I have scores of uncles, aunts and cousins who rib me incessantly over the fact their Green Bay Packers lead my Vikings in Super Bowl wins, 3-0.

The longest running gag was when my late great-Uncle Ray would show me his bare fist and say "Do you know what this is? It's the Super Bowl ring hand of the Vikings." Given that Uncle Ray was getting up there in years, he kept forgetting that he told me that joke and thus would tell it over and over. Well, about the fourth time he inquired, I responded "It's the World Series ring hand of the Brewers."

So for the 39th consecutive season, my version of that tired old joke still applies as the Milwaukee Brewers went belly up on Sunday.

Oh well. The good news is portly Prince Fielder can start his offseason training regimen a little earlier.


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