Thursday, October 23, 2008

Andy & Opie are fishing here.

Can you imagine the citizens of 1960s Mayberry, NC voting for a Presidential candidate who opposes a bill providing medical care to an infant surviving an abortion? What if that same candidate’s fiscal policies threatened the livelihood of gas station attendant Goober Pyle as well as Floyd the barber? And if said candidate were elected, Sheriff Andy Taylor might be able to carry a gun on the job but God help him if he wanted to have a personal firearm at home to protect Opie and Aunt Bea.

Nevertheless, actors Ron Howard and Andy Griffith would have you believe that the Taylors would actually support such a candidate for President.

Sheesh, is nothing sacred?


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StarBittrune said...

Opie! Andy! Fonz! I can't believe you're all senile. Listen: Seven years. Not a SINGLE terorist attack on our soil. You call security the WRONG path for our country? Don't let our enemies "test" Obama. We can't afford to have him flunk our whole country.