Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Super Duper Tuesday for the SD49 GOP.

What a great night at our local GOP precinct caucus on this “Super Tuesday”!!!

My wife and I were the secretary and convener, respectively, of our precinct. We were to start at 7:00 pm sharp but there was still a line outside the room at 7:05!! And the best part was there was a very age diverse group of people in attendance. From senior citizens to middle-aged folks to 30-somethings to those who aren’t old enough to vote yet (but will be by Election Day), the energy was definitely felt! We didn’t even have enough ballots when the Presidential Preference Poll was taken.

The general sense my wife and I got was that the conservative voters were out in droves. In fact, there were many first-time caucus goers who still felt the sting of 2006 and realized the consequences of not getting involved then. As a result, Mitt Romney was the overwhelming winner in most of the precincts in House District 49B.

Now more than ever folks realize that we can’t very well bellyache about our nominee come November 2008. Now is the time to take action. And if tonight was any indication, the MN Republican party will be heard from loud and clear over the next nine months!!


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