Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My appearance on KARE.

KARE-11 started off their 10 pm newscast last evening with the story of the MN House overriding Governor Pawlenty’s veto of the Transportation bill. As a precinct chair in Rep. Kathy Tingelstad’s district, KARE wanted my reaction to her voting for the bill and subsequently voting to override the Governor’s veto.

I didn’t worry about rambling on to reporter Joe Fryer simply because I knew they could cut and paste down to about ten seconds.

Video of that story can be seen here.


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Mark said...

I saw you last night on the news and you looked fine and the KARE report was fairly balanced as these things go. I was more bummed about Light Rail Girl, the fresh faced gal from Eagan exulting about how she saves $2000 by taking the light rail. She doesn't, of course – she passes the cost of her commute onto the taxpayers via subsidies, but they weren't going to confront her with that. They did give enough info at the end about the cost of light rail that an alert viewer could figure it out.