Saturday, February 23, 2008

MN taxpayers taken for a ride: UPDATE.

No surprise that the Minnesota Legislature overwhelmingly passed the Mass Transit Subsidy Act “Transportation Bill.” And no surprise that Governor Tim Pawlenty promptly vetoed said bill.

Since the Senate has a veto-proof majority (45 Democrats, 22 Republicans) they will most certainly override the Governor’s veto.

The House?

Well if the same six GOP members who voted for the Transportation Bill also vote to override Gov. Pawlenty’s veto, the bill will pass in to law. One of the GOP members who broke ranks was none other than our own Rep. Kathy Tingelstad.

As a result, I wrote the following e-mail:

Kathy, I saw the following vote breakdown regarding the Transportation Bill:

Why, Kathy???

At our January BPOU meeting, I recall you saying how the MN House is the last line of defense in holding up Governor Pawlenty's vetoes.

The Governor is almost certain to veto this bill. Are you also planning on voting yes to override Gov. Pawlenty's promised veto? If so, our "last line of defense" appears to be leaking.

Given that our State Budget has increased substantially over the past couple years, weren't there any other areas where taxes could be cut?

I understand the need for some additional transportation funding. But since MN is in the top 10 as far as taxes per capita, certainly there could have been other areas at least trimmed down.

I can't begin to express my severe disappointment in your "yes" vote.

Brad Carlson
Coon Rapids, MN
Precinct Chair, 5-3

We’ll see what kind of response (if any) I receive.



GOP delays endorsement of Tingelstad. Michael Brodkorb has the story.


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Mark said...

Good for you, Brad. Solidarity is paramount on things like this and it looks like your rep is being especially helpful.