Thursday, February 21, 2008

Michelle Obama's "Shove it" moment(s).

I won’t say that Teresa Heinz lost the Presidency for her husband, John Kerry, in 2004. But whenever she spoke in public, she was less help and more of a hindrance. Her public relations disasters really came to the forefront when she told a newspaper reporter to “shove it” in the Summer of ’04.

Now we have Michelle Obama, wife of 2008 Presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Some of her most recent speeches have generated a tremendous amount of controversy. From a talk she gave a couple of weeks ago where she stated that only her husband understands that American souls need fixing to proclaiming that for the first time in her adult life she’s proud of her country.

For me, it all began in February 2007 during an interview with Steve Kroft on CBS’ 60 Minutes. If you listen to Mrs. Obama in that interview, you would think it was the 1960s and blacks were still being blasted by fire hoses.

Check out an excerpt here.


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