Friday, November 30, 2007

Recap of the Packers-Cowboys tilt.

If beer is water, then it was a veritable Niagara Falls at Joe Senser’s Restaurant last evening. It was 80-90% Packers fans viewing the Green Bay-Dallas tilt at said establishment. In fact, my brother and I were hemmed in by several tables full of Packer faithful as we rooted vociferously for the Cowboys.

We got some annoyed glares as we verbally ripped the likes of Brett Favre, Al Harris, etc. But for the most part the focus was on the game. My bro and I left at halftime with Dallas leading 27-17. As we exited, we had a number of Packer fans ribbing us for not staying for what they were sure would be a Pack rally.

Despite backup Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers playing admirably in place of the injured Favre, the Packers ended up losing by the same deficit by which they trailed at halftime. The final score was 37-27, Cowboys. Nice rally, eh?

I’m still digesting all that took place in last night’s game but I feel I have definitively reached one conclusion: Dallas QB Tony Romo has officially arrived!!


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