Monday, November 05, 2007

Little League redux.

This past August, I wrote about my hometown Coon Rapids little leaguers’ appearance in baseball’s Little League World Series.

I celebrated the one game they emerged victorious while also taking umbrage with the antics of the opposing starting pitcher. Earlier in that game, Salisbury, MD pitcher Canaan Cropper could be seen shouting towards the Coon Rapids dugout after completing a spectacular double play. I don’t like smack talk. Never did. So I then took great delight in seeing Canaan give up the game-winning home run to my neighbor, Tanner Lowe.

2 ½ months later Bill Cropper, Cannan’s dad, has taken issue with my comments.

I thought I would dedicate an entire post to responding to Mr. Cropper.

Hey Brad. Just googling my sons name and ran across your sight. Little tough on a 12 yr old. As a Christian and pastor myself I think you are a little bit over the top about my son.

Yeah, calling him a pipsqueak was probably a bit much. However, everything else I’ll stand by.

Kid has a lot of passion but just amped up and wanting to win like the other 22 million that started the summer. Oh yeah, hats off to that team and the Lowe kid. Great players. Why don't you tell everyone about the kid on your hometown team whose mom had brain cancer and who we all gathered in center field together before the game and prayed for. That’s good LL stuff.

Duly noted, sir! In all seriousness, thanks for sharing that!!

Obvious you never played on any level and wouldn't know the pressure.


Actually, I did play Little League baseball, which is why I said what I said. I played for a coach who would sit any player that didn’t maintain a sense of decorum during a game. Heck, I remember one time he yanked his own kid for throwing a bat after striking out. Enthusiasm and being “amped up” is one thing. Rubbing an opponent’s nose in it is quite another.

Articles like that and posting that you are a born again believer would really make me turn toward Christ.

Canaan’s dad.

Whoa! Do I detect a little sarcasm from you, Pastor? Besides, the one thing I emphasized in my original post was the kind of brashness displayed by your son has a way of coming back to haunt. To put it in Biblical terms: You reap what you sow!



Anonymous said...

Brad, just read this article. Unfortunately, I know this 'pastor' (and I use that word lightly). If I didn't know who he was and he hadn't mentioned he was a Christian or a pastor, I certainly would not have known it by his remarks. He's been on an ego trip for years & he's now trying to re-live his failed ball experiences thru his son. And sad to see his own son couldn't control the 'flesh' that came out by his comments to the opposing team dugout.
Aren't parents supposed to reprimand their children for this type of action rather than supporting their actions & making excuses for their behavior?
It would be a wonderful thing if this pastor/ would decide to follow in the steps of the coach you mentioned who maintained the sense of decorum and sportmanship in his games. The kids would be all the better for it.
So much for being able to tell a Christian by their actions.

Anonymous said...

Well, I got an email about this post and all I can say is you've got to feel bad for Cropper's kid. Besides raising a poor sport can you imagine the pressure he has to be under when his dad is living through him and using him as an excuse to take off all summer to start some sports camp.
Bill Cropper may be able to preach but he sure doesn't practice what he preaches. I know of a mom who took her kid off a team because Cropper is too mean, aggressive. He is one huge blow hard and we all should feel sorry for this guy who wants so badly to live in the spotlight. He, should remember God loves the humble of spirit, not the one who sits in the place of self made importance.