Saturday, November 03, 2007

Father-in law update.

We arose this morning, praising the Lord!

We learned that our beloved father, Howard, was as ornery as a grizzly bear with a sore derriere!! After a very serious surgical procedure yesterday, he seemed like his old self this morning. That is, when my mother-in law walked in to see him he was crabbing at her about everything that was wrong.

His nose hurt.

His legs were twisted up in that uncomfortable hospital bed.

The food was bad.

But it was fine. My mother-in law let him complain mightily, all the while celebrating the fact he’s still with us.

My wife & I will be visiting him tomorrow. If he’s still in the aforementioned ornery state, I have news which is sure to perk him up.

The team he has despised for years, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football club, lost to Navy for the first time in 44 years.

Even better? Howard can say such a rare occurrence happened in his lifetime.


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