Tuesday, December 12, 2006

All grown up (or "Dang, I'm old!").

During my sophomore year of high school (1984-85), I played was a member of the JV basketball team.

We had a Friday evening game one week where our coach, Lee Carlson, had a visitor sitting with him on the bench. Mr. Carlson was a divorcee who saw his daughter every weekend. One of the parents sitting just behind the bench remarked to Mr. Carlson on what a lovely daughter he had. When asked her age, Mr. Carlson replied “8….going on 21.”

Today, that cute little girl is all grown up at 30 years of age.

Her name is Kelly Carlson and she is now a Hollywood actress.

And to think I knew her when she was begging her Dad for money to go buy some cotton candy.

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