Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Quick Hits: Volume CCVIII

- Let me start by saying that I believe climate change exists. But I also believe that we are not on the brink of a point of no return if the U.S. doesn't implement multi-trillion dollar, economy crushing policies to address the issue.

With that in mind, enviro-wackos flooded social media this past week with proverbial alarm bells over the Australia wildfires. They're not unlike gun grabbers in that it's demagogue first, wait for the facts (which often undermine their narratives) to surface, yet double-down on the demagoguery.

As such.....

More than 180 alleged arsonists have been arrested since the start of the bushfire season, with 29 blazes deliberately lit in the Shoalhaven region of southeast NSW in just three months.

The Shoalhaven fires were lit between July and September last year, with Kempsey recording 27 deliberately lit fires, NSW Bureau of Crime and Statistics and Research data shows.

Police arrested 183 people for lighting bushfires across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in the past few months. NSW police data shows 183 people have been charged or cautioned for bushfire-related offences since November 8, and 24 arrested for deliberately starting bushfires.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist and am not levying any accusations here, but would it surprise anyone if some of the perpetrators were sympathetic to the enviros' cause?

- American media: "How dare you refer to us as the 'enemy of the people!' YOU'RE UNDERMINING OUR CREDIBILITY AND ARE AN AFFRONT TO DEMOCRACY!!!"

Also American media:

-  Speaking of media, remember how leftists lauded Jon Stewart's The Daily Show as a way to connect the youth to news despite the show's satirical bent?

Apparently satire news site The Babylon Bee is not receiving the same courtesy. Check out this Twitter thread from some butthurt CNN reporter.


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jerrye92002 said...

Please, PLEASE make the absolutely required distinction between Climate Change (nee' Global Warming) and MANMADE Climate Change. The former is happening and is always and has always happened. The latter is a complete myth, fomented by rent-seeking scam artists and politicians, but I repeat myself.