Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Officer, I'd like to report a beatdown

"The Democrats come shake my hand and tell me they're gonna give me a 'One Minnesota.' I haven't seen a 'One Minnesota.' Tim Walz lied!"
Rev. Tim Christopher from this past Tuesday's gun control hearing in Hibbing

About 10+ months ago, I posted a video of Rev. Tim Christopher testifying before the MN House Judiciary Committee. Rev. Christopher's testimony had to do with the Democrats' insistence on passing "gun control" legislation which would do little to nothing in curbing gun violence.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday in Hibbing.

Even though the Minnesota Legislature is not in session, the Senate Judiciary Committee chose to hold a hearing regarding the same "gun control" proposals. Once again, Rev. Christopher showed up, making the 3+ hour trek up from the Twin Cities. If you thought the Rev's testimony last year in St. Paul was lit, definitely check out the entire 10+ minute diatribe from Tuesday's gathering in Hibbing.

One final thing: Rev. Christopher is a lifelong Democrat, but has felt abandoned by his party. And he's far from the only African American to convey that sentiment. If Minnesota Republicans had any means of effective outreach, there are potentially some votes in the urban areas to be had. That would go a long way to thwarting a 12-year losing streak in statewide elections.


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