Thursday, March 07, 2019

Justification for bigotry

If today's Democrat party is going to embrace members who are openly antisemitic, I'm grateful they're basically coming out and admitting it.

My head is spinning from all pretzel logic employed by Dems and their allies in defending Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), so here's just a few samples:

- House Speaker (in name only these days) Nancy Pelosi says Omar was not "intentionally anti-Semitic."

- House Majority Whip James Clyburn essentially tells Holocaust survivors to check their privilege.

- New York Times columnist Paul Krugman says all antisemitism is not created equal. Take a guess as to which kind doesn't bother him.

It takes a lot of work to cede the moral high ground to President Donald Trump, but these people have managed to do it.

All Dems had to do to ensure they'd regain complete power in Washington by 2020 is not come off as complete kooks. But they just can't do it. Astonishing.


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Bike Bubba said...

Anti-Semitism and then infanticide come to mind here.

Regarding Krugman's comment, I get that what he's saying is that the Nazis were indeed more efficient at killing Jews than the Soviets, having put more effort into it, but along the same lines, I seem to remember that the Communists also tended to place Jews in border territories that were hardest hit from Stalin's purges, and then by his failure to wage war effectively when Nazi Germany invaded. So even before conquered peoples were subjected to the Holocaust, the Soviets had presumably gotten a LOT of Jews needlessly killed.

But I guess that doesn't bother Krugman.