Monday, March 18, 2019

Just stunned

This is a picture of Bridget Cronin and me at her birthday party 6-1/2 years ago (she dubbed it the 15th anniversary of her 29th birthday party):

I fondly recall that Friday night. As is custom in the 21st century, I even tweeted about it.

I hadn't seen much of Bridget since that evening as she had pretty much left grassroots politics (her ex-husband Tony Sutton was Republican Party of Minnesota chair 2009-2011) around that time frame to launch other endeavors. Thanks to social media, I was in tune to what she usually had going on.

Whether it was setting up an organization to assist aspiring entrepreneurs or providing support for military vets enduring PTSD, Bridget was downright relentless in her advocacy for others. And while her personal life wasn’t without adversities (i.e. her very public divorce from Sutton in 2013), she never let those circumstances dissuade her from being there for others.

On Monday morning I was absolutely stunned to learn that Bridget passed away unexpectedly over the weekend. My immediate thoughts went to her family (including four children, her oldest of whom has special needs) but also to those who were positively impacted by her genuine love and kindness. I will continue to pray for peace and comfort in the aftermath of this tremendous loss.


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