Sunday, March 24, 2019


What Steve Deace said.

Attorney General Barr has released his summary of the Mueller report, and it's an exoneration and vindication of the president and his victorious 2016 campaign.

Here are the main highlights with my analysis:


Special Counsel Mueller found NO EVIDENCE of so-called Russian Collusion, despite multiple attempts by the Russians to engage the Trump campaign back in 2016, and other successful Russian attempts to impact the election outcome. Like successfully hacking Hillary Clinton and the DNC, for example. However, absolutely no American or anyone associated with the Trump campaign engaged the Russians in an effort to win the election.

That last point is repeated three times.


Special Counsel Mueller made it clear he was neither charging nor exonerating the president of obstruction of justice, but referring any evidence to the DOJ. There's probably two reasons for this: 1) Mueller's original charge was to investigate collusion, 2) you have to have evidence of an underlying crime being committed to be guilty of obstruction of justice, and Mueller already cleared Trump of the underlying crime being alleged. Therefore, AG Barr and Deputy AG Rosenstein each reviewed the evidence submitted by Mueller, and decided against an obstruction of justice charge.


It will now be fascinating to see some of the same people who trashed this man now use his report to exonerate the president. Just as it will be fascinating to see those who were convinced he would catch their conspiratorial hail Mary pass proceed to crush him.

In the end, though, Mueller lived up to his sterling resume as perhaps America's most decorated prosecutor.

He put bad people around the president behind bars (they ALL plead guilty and are not victims).

And he stood up to the Left/media attempt to acquire political power through the most cynical and self-destructive means possible -- pushing fantastical conspiracy theories to de-legitimize our entire election process in order to reverse an outcome they didn't like.

For goodness sake, even the former head of the CIA, once charged with our nation's most sensitive secrets, engaged in this publicly. Mueller's probe served a tremendous public service in that regard. It's the most definitive proof yet our media isn't biased, but hostile. They are the voice of the opposition, and cannot be trusted on any fundamental level. They aren't poor stewards of the First Amendment, they are enemies of our Constitution. And we saw last year this is not a one off for these people. Its the same wicked scam they tried on Brett Kavanaugh, remember.

Mueller is the first political figure in my lifetime who actually drained the swamp. For that, I thank him today. For restoring at least some of the faith we've lost in our system.

Finally, President Trump has been given one of the most public vindications ever granted to an American president. Let us pray he uses it to govern wise and well.

The news that a sitting President of the United States didn't collude with a foreign superpower in an effort to influence a U.S. election should bring, at minimum, a sigh of relief and at most much rejoicing. Ah, but leftists and their media cohorts don't see it that way. They once again have put themselves in a position where what's good for the country is bad for them, and vice versa. As such, I won't indulge in schadenfreude at their unhinged lunacy. No, I will continue to convey sympathy towards a collective who puts undue faith in big government.

And now for your viewing pleasure:

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Bike Bubba said...

Can't go with "Mueller is the hero here" when he doesn't appear to be prosecuting those behind the Steele report. Given that people ran with it for years for no apparent reason, he did the best he could, perhaps, to mitigate the damage, but some people who took it at face value, like Jim Comey, need to be slapped into next week.

Brad Carlson said...

Given that people ran with it for years for no apparent reason, he did the best he could, perhaps, to mitigate the damage, but some people who took it at face value, like Jim Comey, need to be slapped into next week.

Sen. Lindsey Graham hinted that something may yet be coming. When Comey took to Twitter and said "So many questions" in response to the Mueller report summary, Graham replied "Could not agree more. See you soon."

Bike Bubba said...

Graham's twitter feed is great. It is as if the left cannot figure out that there was a reason Mueller released his report on the second day of March Madness, and they want to keep going.

I guess the bright side of that is that if they do keep testing the limits of the 4th Amendment, we could see the Illinois Democratic pattern--one term in office, one in jail--go nationwide.