Friday, September 21, 2018

Doug's digs at Ellison

Republican candidate for MN Attorney General Doug Wardlow puts forth an extremely good campaign ad.

Even without the credible domestic abuse allegations levied against DFLer Keith Ellison, pointing out his far left record is the proverbial shooting fish in a barrel. Ellison never tried to run away from his proggie chops due to the fact he never had to. Representing a Congressional District like Minnesota's Fifth (which is at D+26 according to Cook PVI) means never having to apologize for such leftist lunacy.

It'll be quite the spectacle to see how Ellison responds given that he's never had a serious challenge for political office in his career. The fact he called his 2012 GOP Congressional opponent a "low-life scumbag" prior to an election he'd win by nearly 50 points shows he isn't content to be challenged in any scenario.

With some recent polls showing the AG race basically a dead heat, this is exactly the kind of ad which the Wardlow campaign needs to put forth.

Popcorn's poppin'!!


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