Monday, November 13, 2017

Things that annoy me

Yeah, I know. We're supposed to be in the midst of "30 days of thankfulness" by documenting each day in November something which we're thankful for. But a post like this has been brewing in me for some time, so I thought I would list a few items for the record.

Callers into a talk radio show starting off by saying "Thanks for taking my call."

As a guy who hosts a radio show, this perplexes me. Ummm....when a host shares the call-in number and then asks you to call in, no need to express thanks since you're the one honoring the request. So thank you for calling.

Referring to your favorite sports team as "we."

This is pretty common among sports fanatics. "Wow, we sure had a solid defensive showing today" or "Man, we sure were clutch with our free throw shooting." Uh, yeah, you as a fan have absolutely zero influence on the outcome of a game. I'm sure the athletes appreciate your support, enthusiasm, etc. but sitting on a couch in a flatulent state for 3+ hours with your biggest concern being timing restroom breaks with commercials does not make you a member of the team. And while being one of 70,000 screaming fans at, say, an NFL game sometimes results in players giving shout outs to the home crowd for creating an electric atmosphere, that still doesn't make you a teammate. Sorry.

Incorrect use of apostrophe s. 

An apostrophe s is to be used as a contraction (eg. Mike's (Mike is) going home) or to signify a person possessing something (eg. That is Mike's car). I'm still utterly stupefied how people use an apostrophe s when pluralizing a word or name (eg. Those kitten's are adorable; The Anderson's are excited for tomorrow). This is such a pet peeve of mine that I have difficulty enjoying a Christmas card saying "Merry Christmas from the Anderson's." Upon reading that, I'll usually reply along the lines of "The Anderson's what?"

When requesting prayer for something seemingly minor, people respond by saying "God's a little busy for such trivial things."

I could concoct a series of posts on how this is just absurdly incorrect theology, but I'll attempt to be pithy here. Saying "God's too busy..." is the retort of someone who believes that the limited abilities of we humans is somehow applicable to God. Newsflash: when the Creator of this vast universe is the Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end, I'd say He's more than capable of hearing and honoring the prayers of all of us whom He declared He knew before being formed in the womb. So with all due respect, your finite little mind should never be projected onto our Creator.


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