Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Emily Lindin: "Falsely accused of sexual assault? Sucks to be you."

I can't emphasize enough how grateful I am that victims of sexual harassment/assault are able to have a more unified voice in today's society. While I suspect we haven't yet reached the bottoming out point, I have to believe that today's environment will serve to thwart instances of sexual misconduct from this day forward.

All that said, a possible drawback to the notion that every woman deserves to be believed is there are inevitably willful instances of false accusations which could potentially ruin the lives of innocent men. While such scenarios are not nearly as pervasive as the lecherous conduct which has permeated Hollywood, politics and media, we should never allow anyone to potentially have their lives ruined over blatantly unture allegations (See Duke lacrosse team or gang rape at University of Virginia). Thankfully many of the high profile indiscretions made public over the past several months appear to have been heavily scrutinized for their veracity.

Ah, but in the mind of Teen Vogue columnist Emily Lindin, innocent men having their lives ruined should be considered little more than collateral damage when attempting to eradicate sexual misconduct (read tweets from the bottom up):

It's that kind of thinking which allowed Bill Clinton to remain a power player in the Democrat party. "Yeah sure, Bill Clinton denigrated a few women, but he was such a champion of women's rights. Just chalk up Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky as collateral damage in the effort to create a more tolerable environment for women."

Oh, and don't ya love Ms. Lindin's statement on how hits to an innocent man's reputation is a price she is "absolutely willing to pay?" Pretty brassy to make such a definitive statement given the fact IT'S NOT HER FRIGGIN' REPUTATION THAT WILL BE DAMAGED!!! She'd pay no price!

Along with some reputations of innocent men, basic human decency is also becoming a casualty.



Bike Bubba said...

Charming lady. Bet the guys are lining up to woo her with that attitude!

jerrye92002 said...

If the women aren't careful, all "wooing," seduction and courtship will disappear, along with the human race. Or at least Americans; the French are trying to establish a clear line that allows Frenchmen to do what they have always done, without crossing that line into assault. But of course that would make sense. Can't do that.