Thursday, March 09, 2017

Tough week for leftist narratives

I've often felt that the political left is not truly content unless they can express outrage over something the political right has done or said.

This past week there were two noteworthy instances which ended up being the equivalent of stepping on a rake.

First was the outrage (OUTRAGE I TELL YA) over H.U.D. Secretary Ben Carson comparing slaves to immigrants in a speech this past Monday. After the obligatory frothing by "progressives," they had the proverbial bucket of cold water thrown on their burning reaction. Y'see, Barack Obama used a similar analogy during his presidency. Where was the moral outrage then from leftists? Well, to be fair, their puppet masters in the agenda-driven media likely didn't report Obama's remarks to the degree they touted Dr. Carson's speech.

Then there was the story of Gold Star father Khizr Khan canceling a scheduled speech in Toronto due to his travel privileges "being reviewed." If you recall, it was Mr. Khan who gave an impassioned speech at last summer's Democrat National Convention, using much of it to call out then GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's "Muslim ban." Khan also went so far as to offer Trump a copy of his pocket Constitution in the event he hadn't ever read it.

Anyhow, this was a daily double of outrage for proggies. Not only did they cling to the belief that President Trump's renewed travel ban adversely affected a naturalized American citizen who is also a Muslim, they also put forth a theory that Trump was using the power of his office to punish political opponents.

Ah, but if there are any intellectually honest leftists out there, even they had to concede that this story just didn't pass the smell test.

Typically the only reason the U.S. might stop someone from leaving the country, notes WaPo, is if they’ve been charged with a crime. But Khan’s record is clean. Could it have been the Canadians who insisted on reviewing his “travel privileges”? Nope, they claim, it wasn’t us. The State Department says it wasn’t them either. How about U.S. Customs and Border Protection? Might they have stopped Khan for some reason? Doesn’t sound like it.

Presumably Khan wasn’t scheduled to travel until (Tuesday), when the event was scheduled, in which case why would CBP have had any reason to tell him (Monnday) that there was a problem? He would have been stopped at the airport en route if there was, no?

Adding to the strangeness, the organizer later appeared to back away from the statement it put out yesterday, telling McClatchy, “Alll [sic] the other information we got from me [sic] khan so you’d best check with him.” Which is what McClatchy, and many, many other news sources did: They contacted Khizr Khan himself and asked what was going on. Unless I missed a story somewhere, as of Tuesday afternoon, he’s given all of them a polite “no comment.

I can't imagine how much leftists and their media cohorts were wetting themselves, hoping against all hope that the Khan saga validated their assertion that Trump possesses fascist tendencies. I guess the progs will just have to go back to monitoring the president's Twitter feed 24/7.


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