Sunday, March 05, 2017

I shoulda learned to play the guitar; I shoulda learned to play them drums....

Well the calendar says early March but the Twin Cities weather indicates early to mid April. Regardless, the Northern Alliance Radio Network will be live today from 2:00 until 3:00 PM Central Time, though I suspect the outdoors many beckon many listeners. That said, definitely check out the podcast for today's show.

I will look back at the reaction from President Donald Trump's speech to a joint session of Congress, particularly the response from leftists.

At 2:30 I will be joined by Andrew Schmitt with the Minnesota Beer Activists. Andrew and many other privates citizens have been persistent over the past several years in attempting to persuade MN state government to overturn the antiquated law which banned liquor sales from taking place on Sundays. Finally this legislative session that persistence has paid off! The MN Legislature passed a measure repealing the ban on Sunday liquor sales and now it will head to the desk of Gov. Mark Dayton, who has said he will sign the bill!

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics I plan on addressing. You can also text comments/questions to (651) 243-0390.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area, you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio. If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

Even though I have a face for radio, there is a UStream channel where you can watch the broadcast if you so desire. Check it out here.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #narn or "Like" our Facebook page.

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