Thursday, March 16, 2017

Please stop trying to make Chelsea Clinton happen

From the time Chelsea Clinton was thrust into the national spotlight at age 12 in 1992, the year her father successfully ran for President of the United States, she was a proverbial church mouse for basically the next 24 years (outside of a short and spectacularly mediocre stint with NBC News a few years ago). It was only after her mother was defeated in the 2016 presidential race that Chelsea had suddenly became unleashed on Twitter, opining on myriad news items while trying to convey some semblance of a personality.

There's even been speculation that Chels is being groomed to run for Congress, which smacks of her power-hungry parents trying to live vicariously through their daughter since Bill and Hil are both essentially damaged goods.

But Chelsea's latest attempt at relevancy? A kids' book, natch.

Chelsea Clinton has borrowed a line from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for the title of her upcoming children’s book, “She Persisted.”

The title of Clinton’s book is a reference to McConnell’s explanation of a Senate vote last month to force Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to stop speaking because her criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at that point a senator awaiting confirmation to President Donald Trump’s cabinet, violated a Senate rule that prohibits impugning another senator.

McConnell explained the controversial maneuver by saying that Warren “was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” The line quickly caught fire on the political left and became a rallying cry for opposition to Trump’s administration, especially among women.

The former first daughter’s book, the details of which were first reported by Entertainment Weekly, will include stories of 13 women who accomplished goals despite opposition. The women highlighted will include Harriet Tubman, Hellen Keller, Ruby Bridges, Oprah Winfrey and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

I wonder if said book will include the story of Dr. Condoleeza Rice, who went from growing up in the segregated South in the '50s & '60s to becoming the first female African-American Secretary of State. And if Chels is going to highlight a female Supreme Court Justice, why not the first ever in Sandra Day O'Connor?

I digress.

Look, carving out a persona on social media is one thing. And authoring a children's book is a fluff gig for someone with the right name or connections. But whenever I hear Chelsea speak, she somehow comes off as less charismatic than her mother (dunno how that's possible). And with no substantive accomplishments, it's going to be nearly impossible for voters to look past the fact that the only thing she has going for her is she's the offspring of a former President and former First Lady/U.S. Senator.

It almost seems as if Chels is a hesitant pawn in an attempt to perpetuate a political dynasty.


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