Saturday, February 25, 2017

Twinnin' in Madison

As some of you may know, the fetching Mrs. Carlson plays the harp in her spare time.

It's a hobby she began while in Middle School but gave it up after about 15 years. After a decade long break, she was bit by the harp bug in 2009 and has been playing regularly ever since. In the past 7-8 years since she's resumed playing, the FMC has been asked to play at church services, weddings, funerals, cocktail parties and various other social events

In the past 5 years or so, my wife gleefully discovered the musical phenomenon that is the Harp Twins.

From the website of harp-playing twin sisters Camille & Kennerly Kitt:

As the world’s only identical twin professional harpists, Camille and Kennerly were trained classically, but have a passion and flair for arranging and performing rock, metal, and soundtrack music for Harp Duet. The Harp Twins perform on statuesque acoustic Concert Grand Harps as well as Electric Harps. Camille and Kennerly have teamed-up with Harpsicle/Rees Harps to show what can be done with smaller, affordable harps, using their Harpsicles in videos and for work with children who have special needs. Camille and Kennerly have created a unique niche for themselves: they play rock and metal music using only their two harps. With no backtracks, no studio, no production crew, and no record label, the Harp Twins are the archetype of true independent artists.

It's a good bet that they've covered one of your favorite songs. Definitely check out the fine selection via their YouTube channel.

I bring this all up to say that my wife and I are very much looking forward to seeing the gals in concert this evening at the Stoughton Opera House near Madison, WI. As an added bonus, we'll have an opportunity to meet the gals at their post show meet-n-greet!

Should be fun!!



Bike Bubba said...

I've become a fan as well--and of the earlier "Harptallica." Nothing says fun quite like playing heavy metal on the harp, though harp-playing and loving friends of mine think it's something of an abomination tot hem. :^)

How was the concert? It's interesting to me that they're Wheaton grads....maybe a writeup, eh?

Brad Carlson said...

Great concert, BB. I've obviously become familiar with the harp given my wife's a harpist, so it's fun to hear a different twist on such an elegant instrument.