Monday, February 27, 2017

Not as noble as you think you are

Seriously, does anyone outside of Washington, D.C. give two squats about this?

The president of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) said Saturday that the organization looks forward to hosting its annual dinner despite President Trump's decision not to attend.

“The WHCA takes note of President Donald Trump's announcement on Twitter that he does not plan to attend the dinner, which has been and will continue to be a celebration of the First Amendment and the important role played by an independent news media in a healthy republic," WHCA president Jeff Mason said in a statement.

"Independent?" Sorry, but that ship has sailed. A good number of aspiring journalists over the past two decades have indicated their main reasons for entering the profession are to "speak truth to power" or "change the world." Since when did the criteria for a journalist shift from fact-based reporting to activism?

"We look forward to shining a spotlight at the dinner on some of the best political journalism of the past year and recognizing the promising students who represent the next generation of our profession," (Mason) added of the April 29 dinner.

In other words, it's no different than these Hollywood award shows where smug, self-important individuals gather together to stroke each others' egos.

What's most pathetic is that these media types are so needy that they showed up to the 2014 event despite revelations of their colleagues at the Associated Press being spied on by the Obama White House the previous year. Yet some of these same people threatened to pull out of this year's dinner due to President Trump being a big meanie.

I've said many times that I'm not a fan of how Trump is interacting with the news media. However, the fact he's been the most effective President in revealing what frauds they are is definitely a serendipity.


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