Friday, February 24, 2017

Standard Fare

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) recently hosted a town hall meeting for his leftist constituents to air their grievances over GOP policies. Given that leftists typically do more talking than listening, some Republican members of Congress have been hesitant to do town halls simply because they become counterproductive due to the lack of order. Nevertheless, Sen. Cassidy was willing to make a go of it.

Unfortunately, this particular town hall was overshadowed by the despicable behavior of many of the attendees. 

First was the shouting down of the invocation: 

Then there was the disruption of the Pledge of Allegiance:

Did I become angry watching these videos? Absolutely. But should I be the least bit surprised? Nah, not really. After all, people of this ilk booed God and Jerusalem at the 2012 Democrat National Convention.

I guess proggies will never cease being the scorpion to basic civility's frog.


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