Monday, January 09, 2017

The Trump 2020 re-election ads begin in earnest

For those who claim to vehemently oppose Donald Trump as President of the United States, you might wanna consider that some of things you say may actually enhance his 2020 re-election prospects.

For example:

But, as always, the coup de grace of absurdity takes place at smug, self-congratulatory Hollywood award shows. In this case, it was Sunday's broadcast of the Golden Globes.

My favorite moment is perhaps when Meryl Streep called for a "principled press" to call out Trump for any outrageous behavior he might display as President. Apparently one such entity wasn't necessary during the Barack Obama years as there were never similar pleas during previous years' awards shows. Come to think of it, a "principled press" may have come in handy to draw attention to Obama violating Separation of Powers, unilaterally changing laws, using the IRS and Justice Dept. to suppress opposing political speech, etc.

All I can say is I hope there was someone in attendance at the Golden Globes with proper knowledge of the Heimlich Maneuver given that Streep, Hugh Laurie et al were in danger of choking on their own sanctimony.


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Bike Bubba said...

It is as if the far left is unaware that conservatives read the papers, and that they are well aware of the disasters that typically befall areas run by Democrats or otherwise infested by a plurality of the far left. For that matter, it almost seems as if those on the far left are unaware of what can be read in the papers at times.