Thursday, January 05, 2017

Just the facts.....or not

From the Associated Press:

CHICAGO — Chicago police say they are investigating a video circulating on social media that shows several people beating a man at a residence.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said at a news conference Wednesday that four suspects are in custody. Formal charges have not been filed.

Johnson says the victim, who has "mental health challenges," is recovering.

Johnson calls the video "sickening," and Police Cmdr. Kevin Duffin says the suspects made "stupid decisions."

Officers were called to a residence on the city's West Side Tuesday evening where they found signs of a struggle and damaged property.

Videos of the alleged incident were posted on social media. Police say it is too soon to make a determination if the attack was racially motivated.

Compare that to Fox News's reporting of the same incident:

Chicago police were questioning four African-Americans Wednesday evening over a Facebook Live video that showed a mentally disabled white man being tied up and tortured while someone yelled "F--- white people!" and "F--- Donald Trump!"

The video was shot by a young African-American woman, who posted it on her Facebook account, Fox 32 Chicago reported. Investigators said they were made aware of the footage Tuesday afternoon.

"The video is reprehensible," Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Wednesday.

Hmmm. The same story reported on by two different outlets, yet some key facts were omitted by the Associated Press post. Why ever would the AP do such a thing??? I'm sure it has nothing to do with protecting a fragile narrative about an increase in "hate crimes" towards minorities since Donald Trump was elected President, does it? C'mon, the mainstream media (a/k/a the beacons of integrity) engaging in hypocrisy and double standards? Perish the thought!

Huh. Maybe someone has some keen insights on the matter.


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