Tuesday, January 03, 2017

2017 MN Legislative session starts today

For only the third session since 1972, Minnesota Republicans will be in the majority in both the House and Senate. The last time such a scenario occurred (2011-12), there was a government shutdown, a stadium bill passed and a sex scandal involving the Senate Majority Leader & Communications Director. I'd like to think it's a pretty low bar for Republicans to be more effective the next two years. We'll find out.

A few things I'd like to see:

- Remember the graphic in 2013 to promote legalizing same-sex marriage in Minnesota?

If there are any more of these pics remaining, just replace the heart with alcohol bottles to promote Sunday liquor sales. Last I checked, free markets are still a thing in the U.S., so it would just make sense to allow private business owners in this state an opportunity to conduct commerce on a Sunday if they so choose. And open liquor stores on Sundays would also be a nice option to have after enduring hideous Vikings games. 

- It's a budget year. I would request that House Republicans not start with their "take or leave it" budget number like they did in 2011. At least begin with a budget which has some significant cuts and work from there. Little Lord Fauntleroy Gov. Mark Dayton already appears to be gearing up for a confrontation since, shortly after Election Day 2016, he reminded Minnesotans that government shut down the last time the GOP controlled the Legislature. Republicans need to hit back by continually shining a proverbial light on his erratic behavior. 

- It's well past time to gas MNsure. Even Gov. Dayton, in an accidental moment of coherence, admitted the ACA is no longer affordable. Republicans have been offering viable alternatives for at least the past 3 years. Now that the GOP has a majority, they can actually turn one of those good ideas into passed legislation and dare the governor to veto it. 

- Let's not wait until 5 minutes before end of session to debate multiple pieces of critical legislation, m'kay? 


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