Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's over

Of the U.S. cities with at least 3 teams representing one of the 4 major sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL), only one city in the past half-century had failed to win a single championship before Sunday evening. That city was (keyword was) Cleveland.

It happened on the road at Oracle Arena. It's not a dream. Most considered it an impossible feat. No team in 32 tries had ever come all the way back from being down 3-1 to win the NBA Finals.

Now, it's 1-32.

The Cleveland Cavaliers completed the unimaginable on Sunday night, a 93-89 Game 7 victory over the Golden State Warriors to win the franchise's first NBA championship.

Celebrate, Cleveland. Celebrate.

LeBron James has delivered Cleveland's first professional championship in 52 years. He led all players in this series in points, assists, steals and blocks. He registered 27 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists Sunday to earn the Finals MVP award.

When James moved on to the Miami Heat after seven seasons with the Cavs, he won a championship in his second season with the Heat. Upon winning that series, James jumped up and down with glee, finally winning that elusive title after his teams lost in his two previous NBA Finals appearances (2007 with Cleveland; 2011 with Miami). But this 2016 championship was undoubtedly more special given he came back to Cleveland (his home area) for the sole purpose of ending the region's dearth of championships. James was overcome with emotion upon the conclusion of Sunday's game as he and Cavs celebrated this incredible accomplishment.

Now that Cleveland has ended its 52-year drought, there are two cities with at least three major sports teams who are tied for most years (25) without a title. They would be Washington, D.C.......

.......and Minneapolis.


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