Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Historic? Sure, but....

Hillary Clinton has sealed the Democrat nomination for President. As such, she is the first female in American history to be a presidential nominee.

Naturally there was some fanfare (particularly on the political left) over this undeniably historic moment. Much of the sentiment included statements like "we've made another crack in that glass ceiling" or "this is a great example for our daughters in that they now know women can accomplish anything." And while all that may be true, do we really want to celebrate the path Mrs. Clinton herself has taken? After all, this is a woman who enabled her powerful husband's serial womanizing and has a documented history of corrupt behavior. So do the ends justify the means here?

Sorry to he a buzzkill here but it seems Mrs. Clinton's accomplishment has more to do with impeccable timing and luck than her political savvy. Think about it. Her most formidable opponent in the race for the Democrat nomination was a white septuagenarian socialist whom she finally put away in the final week of primary elections.

In the end, it still believe young ladies should take heart in this moment in time. If someone with as dicey a past as Hillary can rise to the level she has, the sky's the limit for young women of honor and integrity.


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