Thursday, November 19, 2015

Our perpetually petulant President

Barack Obama has previously stated he believes he could win a third term as President of the United States were he eligible to run again. Given his recent behavior, I'm not 100% certain he has the capacity to complete the remaining 14 months of his current term. While he's always given off the vibe of being somewhat petulant and thin-skinned, his rhetoric over the past week since the ISIS attacks in Paris has ratcheted up (even members of his own party have been dismayed with his behavior).

When upwards of 30 U.S. governors (most of them Republicans) vowed not to cooperate with the Federal government in accepting Syrian refugees, Obama lashed out, essentially calling them recruiters for ISIL. He also dismissed GOP concerns of the ineffective refugee vetting program by flat out mocking Republicans, saying they're "scared of widows and orphans." That's the ultimate strawman to be sure, especially when you consider it's not unprecedented that jihadists have gone into other countries under the guise of being refugees.

What the President is conveniently leaving out of his diatribe is a recent U.S. House proposal to merely pause in accepting refugees until screening is shored up. Another inconvenient truth is some House Democrats are supporting the measure to "bolster security checks on Syrian and Iraqi refugees," something a majority of Americans support.

I've pretty much had my fill of this asinine assertion that compassion and precautionary measures are mutually exclusive. I'm also fed up that Obama always seems more angered and outraged towards his political detractors than jihadists who see Americans as infidels and look to commit workplace violence kill us.

Get a grip, Mr. President.


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