Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Seamless transition

Since Donald Trump apparently is busy elsewhere, his long running TV show The Celebrity Apprentice will need a new host.

Movie star-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger will replace mogul-turned-would-be politician Donald Trump on The Celebrity Apprentice, NBC announced Monday.

The former California governor, although he's not a billionaire like Trump, is a good fit for the show, which will return for the 2016-17 season, the network said.

As governor for two terms, Schwarzenegger managed "more than 300,000 state employees and a state budget in the hundreds of billions," the press release said. "He has successfully invested in both real estate and sports franchises, and is known to millions globally for his starring role in the Terminator film franchise. His films, over a six-decade career, have grossed billions of dollars in worldwide box office."

The news generated tweets spoofing the show's signature line: "You're fired!"

I believe said signature line can be perpetuated given that Arnold is not a complete novice to "firing" others.

Sorry. Still not enough to make me tune in.


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