Friday, September 18, 2015

Crossing off another "bucket list" item

OK, I admit I don't actually have a "bucket list" (a list of things one wants to do before one "kicks the bucket"). But given I'm a rabid sports fan, a mythical bucket list would likely include chatting with a Hall of Fame athlete who played for one of my favorite teams. Well.....that is something I will be able to do this weekend!!!

I have been given the golden opportunity to welcome to my radio show this Sunday Hall of Fame Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton! I have been a fan of the Vikes for nearly 40 years, which means I only saw Tark play live the final few years of his career (he retired from the NFL after the 1978 season). Nevertheless, I have a deep appreciation of pro football history, so this will be a thrill of a lifetime! However, I will refrain from telling him that when I was 9-years old I secretly hoped he and my mom would meet (Tark occasionally visited a friend at 3M where Ma worked at the time) so he could one day become my stepdad. 

Tarkenton will be in the Twin Cities for appearances the weekend of Sept. 26-27 to promote (and sign copies of) his new book The Power of Failure: Succeeding in the Age of Innovation.

I have already forewarned his publicist that I may come off as a complete rube at the beginning of the interview. If nothing else, that would make for entertaining radio,


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