Friday, May 30, 2014

The 2014 MN GOP state convention starts.........


Today we we endorse candidates for State Auditor, Attorney General, US Senate and Secretary of State.

Then tomorrow is the endorsement of a gubernatorial candidate.

I figure this will be my final state convention appearance as a delegate, so I better make my votes count. However, I plan on attending every convention in the future as a talk radio host! Speaking of which, be sure to tune in to the Northern Alliance Radio Network on Saturday from 1:00 until 3:00. Mitch Berg and I will conduct a live broadcast from the convention in Rochester.

You can tune in via the usual venues, whether it's AM 1280 on your radio dial, streaming on the Patriot website or tuning in on iheart radio.

Oh, and I plan on incessantly tweeting the festivities both days. Follow me on Twitter at @Brad_Carlson.

Until then..............


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At 5/30/2014 2:03 PM , Anonymous walter hanson said...


I think there is a major mistake in your post. If I remember right she got exposed when her husband was running around and claiming that George Bush lied about Iran buying uranium. In the process of exposing the lie the explanation he gave for how he knew this going on a special mission to Africa is what exposed his wife was working for the CIA. They blew her cover even before Richard A did.

Walter Hanson
Minneapolis, MN

At 5/30/2014 5:57 PM , Anonymous Brad said...

#1 - Wrong post.

#2 - Bob Novak exposed Ms. Plame's name after learning it from Richard Armitage.

Novak's take:

Armitage was giving me high-level insider gossip, unusual in a first meeting. About halfway through our session, I brought up Bush’s sixteen words.... I then asked Armitage a question that had been puzzling me but, for the sake of my future peace of mind, would better have been left unasked. Why would the CIA send Joseph Wilson, not an expert in nuclear proliferation and with no intelligence experience, on the mission to Niger? “Well,” Armitage replied, “you know his wife works at the CIA, and she suggested that he be sent to Niger.” “His wife works at the CIA?” I asked. “Yeah, in counterproliferation.”

He mentioned her first name, Valerie.... The exchange about Wilson’s wife lasted no more than sixty seconds. Armitage offered no interpretation of Wilson’s conduct and said nothing negative about him or his wife. I am sure it was not a planned leak but came out as an offhand observation.... Shortly thereafter, he secretly revealed his role to federal authorities investigating the leak of Mrs. Wilson’s name but did not inform White House officials, apparently including the President.

At 5/31/2014 4:47 PM , Anonymous walter hanson said...


Sorry for the wrong post since I didn't realize it until after it was posted.

Keep in mind the point I was trying to make that I posted was Novak who was doing a story about Joe Wilson was trying to figure out how Joe Wilson got to do the mission to Niger (a question which if there was any real reporter in Washington might have asked) that caused Novak to ask that question. Thus what got her exposed was that Joe Wilson who was trying to expose Bush as a liar got a reporter to do their job in a way he didn't imagine.

You just showed as I claimed that if Joe Wilson wasn't trying so hard to expose Bush as a liar the world wouldn't have known his wife worked at the CIA.

Unlike the White House exposing the CIA station chief on purpose (sorry accident can't apply since White House safe guards should've stopped this leak).

Walter Hanson
Minneapolis, MN

At 6/01/2014 12:52 AM , Blogger Brad Carlson said...

From what I recall, Joe Wilson gave a verbal summary to Bush administration officials regarding his trip to Niger. In it, he confirmed the Iraqi attempts to purchase yellow cake uranium. Shortly thereafter, Wilson penned an NY Times op-ed essentially contradicting his initial statement.

From there, Bush admin officials looked into Wilson's background only to learn that he had little to no qualifications to conduct such a mission. Obviously they wanted to ascertain a reason why such an unqualified individual would be sent on such a sensitive mission. The fact Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, worked in counter-proliferation at the CIA shed a little light on the mystery. But that doesn't necessarily mean there was any malicious intent behind Plame being "outed."

At 6/01/2014 3:34 PM , Anonymous walter hanson said...

Like I said it was because Joe Wilson was trying to so hard to get Bush exposed as a liar that caused his wife to be exposed. Not to mention as you just described Joe Wilson did an act that made a bunch of officials in the Bush Administration ask the question which when a reporter asked it they gave the answer not realizing how much trouble it was going to generate.

Walter Hanson
Minneapolis, MN

At 6/01/2014 3:43 PM , Anonymous walter hanson said...


Here's something about the GOP convention. I was driving when you were talking to the guest on the convention. Two questions which seemed not to be raised especially based on the comments that the guest was making.

One, isn't it a glaring example of how bad the Ortmann campaign was run that at the convention where you had a hard core group of people who hate Obamacare that she couldn't get more than 25% since they did no damage control to her comment about how she wasn't in favor of repeal of Obamacare? Just to give you a small example here I sent her campaign an email after I saw the clip. I asked how could I support her given that she had Al Franken's position on Obamacare. I was put on their email list for donation requests and news about the campaign, but never got an answer to my question.

Two, your guest mentioned a lack of intensity to the convention. If the people knew there was going to be a primary (at least one candidate had announced it before the convention) for the governor's race why waste your time for an endorsement? Especially since it might go to somebody who you don't want to be governor? As an alternate in 2002 who sat on the floor hoping to vote for Sullivan that intensity was based on that every delegate knew that there was no primary.

What do you think?

Walter Hanson
Minneapolis, MN


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