Thursday, May 08, 2014

Draft day night

The 2014 NFL draft begins this evening at 7:00 Central Time! As part of the genius that is the NFL, they've put the draft in prime time on a Thursday, further enhancing their standing as public relations stalwarts.

Since the first day of the draft is in the evening, only round one will commence tonight. With each team having a maximum of 10 minutes to make a selection, my Minnesota Vikings (who will select #8) will make their pick no later than 8:20.

Coming off a porous 2013 season (resulting in securing the #8 pick overall), the Vikings obviously have a number of needs to fill, especially on the defensive side. Early indications are that Defensive End Jadeveon Clowney will be long gone by the time the Vikings' turn comes around. The Vikes also have a glaring need at linebacker, so OLB Khalil Mack is definitely a guy they'd snap up if he were available. Obviously that will dictate how the Vikings will address another glaring need, which is the quarterback position. If their preferred defensive players are gone, they may look seriously at securing that franchise QB in round one.

Since it's a near certainty that Texas A&M's Johnny Football Manziel will be gone by pick eight, the next best QB prospect is said to be Blake Bortles out of the University of Central Florida.

However, if Bortles is no longer available at #8 (or the Vikes go defense with that pick), there's a good possibility Fresno State's Derek Carr could still be around when they pick in the second round (#40 overall).

But, again, since the Vikings have so many other needs on defense, they may look in the second round to build some depth on that side of the ball. With that in mind, they could get a QB in the third round since they have two picks (numbers 72 and 96 overall). It's a good bet AJ McCarron, who led the University of Alabama to two NCAA BCS championships, would still be available.

Yes, all three QBs I've named would be very fine, attractive picks for the Vikings to make. Definitely nice to have options.