Saturday, April 19, 2014

Do better

Upon being declared the winner of Minnesota's 2008 US Senate race in June 2009 (after ballot recounts, legal challenges, etc.), Al Franken was, for a time, the 60th Democrat Senator. What that meant is it rendered the GOP powerless to filibuster if indeed the Dems were unified in a cloture vote. As such, a strong argument can be made that Franken's election was the catalyst for jamming down our throats passing the monstrosity that is Obamacare.

As he is due to come up for reelection this year, Franken's first term has been unimpressive as he has been aligned with President Obama on pretty much every key vote, especially the Affordable Care Act. The fact that the President's approval rating continues to nosedive certainly doesn't bode well for Sen. Franken either.

Because there are plenty of substantive issues on which to hit Franken, I'm surprised (and more than a little disappointed) that one of the GOP Senate campaigns seeking the Republican nomination to oppose Franken would focus on the tedious.

Julianne Ortman, one of only two candidates (businessman Mike McFadden being the other) with a legitimate shot to win the GOP endorsement at the end of May, unearthed a video which was posted at a site. The video was of Franken taking two orange cones and strategically placing them on his chest as if they were a woman's breasts.

In a fundraising email sent this past week, the Ortman campaign said the following:

Brad, this kind of behavior is unacceptable for any public person, much less a sitting United States Senator.

Or, as Stuart Smalley might put it, "it's not good enough."

And it's just one more reason why Al Franken has to go.

Do you agree?

Yes, I agree that Sen. Franken needs to be voted out. But it's more due to the far left, progressive agenda for which he has cast votes as opposed to acting like a teenage boy. I recall vividly that Franken was hit hard during the 2008 campaigns in regards to his character, specifically jokes about rape or his vile characterizations of Republican politicians. If those couldn't sway some Minnesotans from voting for this man, certainly the juvenile antics depicted in the video won't be much of a deterrent.

Now if a Republican politician were shown acting this way, the vapid "war on women" meme would likely ensue from leftists and their cohorts in the media. I get that. But that doesn't mean our side should waste any energy focusing on it since the mainstream media couldn't care less.

With Franken's approval rating in Minnesota currently under 50%, he's plenty vulnerable on his record alone. Seems to me we ought to stick with that target rich environment.


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