Monday, April 07, 2014

Box Score of the Week

Let's look back at an interleague matchup from last season when the Tampa Bay Rays hosted the San Diego Padres.


Rays starting pitcher Alex Cobb made MLB history in the third inning of this game by striking out every batter he faced yet still allowed a run. 

Cobb struck out Will Venable to start the third, but he uncorked a wild pitch that rolled to the backstop for strike three. That allowed Venable to reach first. Venable then stole second on the same pitch that saw Chase Headley become Cobb's second victim.

Venable stole third shortly before Carlos Quentin became Cobb's third strikeout of the inning.

Despite Cobb's bad luck, he appeared close to escaping the inning unscathed. And he would have had he not balked, which allowed Venable to score the Padres' third run.

Yonder Alonso then struck out swinging to give Cobb four strikeouts for the inning.


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